Does your body hurt without bodywork? 

The products listed below have been tested by my clients including professional triathletes, mountain bike racers, marathon runners, and yours truly. 

I personally recommend and put my seal of approval on the brands, quality, and price. 

A gentle tool that reduces soreness better than ibuprofen!

I use Gua Sha tools in my practice every day. If a muscle is too tight, feels inflamed, or sore to the touch, as few as 3 gentle strokes from this little stone will reduce pain in the affected area. It's so gentle on the body that I recommend their use to all my clients. Anti-inflammatories are not encouraged for regular use because they damage blood vessels. This gentle tool reduces inflammation without the damaging affects on the blood vessels. They are soothing, cool to the touch, and especially pleasing to the eye. They are super easy to transport and great for travel . 

Have you ever had a muscle so tight it hurts to stretch? This is a great first step to reducing pain and feeling better!



Let's face it, we demand a lot out of our bodies. For the price of a massage, you can have this little life saver at home when you need it. It loosens muscles when you can't find time for a massage.

It can be used like a foam roller, but BETTER! Why? Because of the vibration which distracts and overwhelms the nervous systems, stimulates the fascia, and encourages the tight muscles to relax.

AND It feels way better than some of the other pokey medieval looking self-massagers. Click the link above for the best product with a lifetime customer support and rigorous testing including my own.

What is Aanandha?

Aanandha is a Sanskrit word meaning extreme happiness, one of the highest states of being, unending joy, eternal bliss



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~The Mission~

At Aanandha Health and Wellness our mission is to use our knowledge and deep care to help reduce stress and increase vitality so you may experience more peace and joy in your life. 

Through informed movement, amazing products, therapeutic massage therapy, and meditation 

you will experience the benefits of stress management. 

Don't let the everyday stand in your way. 

Take a deep breath