~Aanandha is a sacred healing space~

Aanandha Health & Wellness is a healing space. Our therapists are trained professionals who are to be treated with respect. Sexual misconduct of any nature will not be tolerated. 

Therapists reserve the right to discontinue any session if they feel uncomfortable. 

~Meet the Therapists~

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Teresa Collins 

Hello Friends!  I'm the owner, operator, and lead therapist at Aanandha Health and Wellness. I first became a massage therapist in 2001 after graduating from the Florida School of Massage's Massage and Hydrotherapy program. Since then body care expertise in it's many forms has been my passion and career focus. I've studied Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, and Pregnancy massage at great lengths and enjoy working with athletes of every age and clients with issues especially low back and neck disorders.

In 2015 I graduated with a degree in Health Studies with a focus on Community Health Education and a minor in Biology from Portland State University. In my senior year, after a revelation in my Global Health class, I realized the deeper benefits of my previously chosen career path. My passion for massage was reignited with a more deliberate focus on stress relief. My workspace, demeanor, and style were all slightly modified to impact my client's experience. Through well-informed movement and massage my clients will learn to harness the body and mind so that everyday life stress doesn't get in the way of their happiness. 

Andrea Janotta

Andrea offers a holistic and integrative approach to bodywork, supporting health in all systems of the body. Using a variety of techniques, she customizes each session to the specific goals of the client. In addition to her training as a manual therapist, she brings compassion, deep listening, and a genuine desire to help each client feel their best and assist them in tapping into their own innate healing abilities. Andrea has always had a passion for health and wellness but an injury launched a deep dive into exploring whole-body wellbeing. Somatic, or “of the body,” practices like massage were monumental in balancing her nervous system and in her overall healing journey. Andrea also offers guided somatic meditation as an additional service to her massage sessions.