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~Meet the Therapists~

My name is Teresa Collins and I'm the owner, operator, and lead therapist at Aanandha Health and Wellness. I first became a massage therapist in 2001 after graduating from the Florida School of Massage's Massage and Hydrotherapy program. Since then body care expertise in it's many forms has been my passion and career focus.  I've studied Sports Massage, Deep Tissue, and Pregnancy massage at great lengths and enjoy working with athletes of every age, expecting mothers, and clients with conditions especially low back and neck disorders. 

In 2015 I graduated with a degree in Health Studies with a focus on Community Health Education and and a minor in Biology from Portland State University. In my senior year, after a revelation in my Global Health class, I realized the deeper benefits of my chosen career path. My passion for massage was reignited with a more intense focus on stress relief. My workspace, demeanor, style were all modified slightly to impact my client's experience. Meditation is now part of my regular practice and I hope to share the benefits of this special moment with as many as possible. 

Fast forward to 2019 I have brought my passion for education and health to Shepherdstown West Virginia. I've become a coach for the area's first ever youth mountain biking league the Eastern Panhandle Predators. Im honored to say I get to bring my passion of biking, physical health, and holistic wellness to my student-athletes. 

I'm returning to Shepherdstown, my hometown, with 18 years of massage and health education experience . Through movement, massage, and meditation my clients will learn to control the mind-body connection so the everyday doesn't get in the way. 

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Your future is relaxing

Sarah has been a massage therapist since 2015 and encourages a holistic and functional approach to health and wellness. She specializes in combining modalities to get every client closer to being well and happy. She's also a yoga instructor and a mother of two.

Sarah Catrow LMT

My interest in natural health and living began years ago with a desire to live in balance and harmony within myself and with the land. I discovered the deep satisfaction in that connection as I started to explore health through different traditions including nutrition, herbalism, acupuncture, yoga, tai chi, talk therapy, massage therapy and homeopathy. ​

Zellene Struble LMT